Stream Your Ministry Videos

Free of Ads and Big Tech

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What is it worth to you to have your ministry videos hosted on a site that is free of ads and unrelated, inappropriate content that distracts your viewers? Are you looking for an alternative to the big tech hosting options? Would you like to have your content on a site where other content is also Bible based from other Christians such as yourself?

Connection Revival Center has a streaming media section for ministries that is free of ads and inappropriate content.  Upload your videos to our site and they will appear on the main media page and under a separate page that is dedicated to your ministry videos.  From there you can share links to your videos via your website, email, text, or any other way you choose.

All video hosting accounts include a listing in our ministry directory and an account on The Standard which is our social media platform.

We are a free site funded by donations. Membership to upload videos is free but we ask that you support this site by donating $15 – $20 per month on a recurring basis. Partner with us in creating a place for ministry and believers that is safe. A place for the preaching of the gospel and discipleship.

Connection Revival Center is a grassroots project. At the moment it is operated by a small handful of believers with a vision for creating a place where we can share the gospel with each other and the world. We do not have some of the features you may be used to with larger platforms but being a part of The Standard will mean that you will not have some of the issues those platforms have such as censorship of followers of Jesus Christ, tracking your activities across the internet on your computer and mobile devices, and advertising. 

You will also be part of something that is working toward spreading the good news if the gospel of the kingdom of God and not giving away your time, money and information to institutions that are opposing God’s kingdom, the Holy Spirit inspired word of God and followers of Jesus. 

Click here to register for a ministry video hosting account today!