The Effective Working Of His Power

As we venture into this new year, I want to encourage you that God’s power for you goes beyond the ability to conquer those dark or destructive things that tend to gain strongholds in peoples lives. When we talk about grace there can be a tendency to relate it only to the willingness of God to forgive, or His ability working in us empowering us to quit destructive habits. But Grace has a far greater reach into our co-existence with man and God. Grace empowers us to do things we couldn’t imagine ourselves doing without it. Grace empowers us to effect lasting and meaningful change into the world around us. The Christian faith was designed by God to bring us into a continually unfolding revelation of His divine ability working through His sons and daughters to revolutionize the world into a Kingdom of Heaven on earth existence!

God is famous for working through people like you and me. History is laced with ordinary people encountering God, their creator, and forming collaboration to perform the extraordinary faith stories we read or hear of. Sometimes our biggest challenge is to believe that God is wanting to do the miraculous through us! Yes, history is not over! There is, in fact, the greatest opportunity in the history of the world right now and God the creator of the universe is putting dreams and visions in hearts all over the world. The greatest victory in human history is waiting for the church to rise up and possess it! So, don’t discount yourself with thoughts of why it is impossible because with God all things are possible! Including the dreams he has put inside His people!

Did you know that Abraham and Sarah, Moses, Gideon, Amos, Jeremiah, Solomon, Mary, Peter, and Paul are the short list of people who God has used in spite of their own disqualifying self-views? Each of these people I just listed in some way responded to their calling with an argument for why they cannot or should not be the one God uses. I call forth faith to arise in every heart and spirit! A faith that will dare to contradict any beliefs that are oppositional to God’s word and promises! A faith that will recognize our co-inheritance with Christ in advancing His Kingdom on earth. I also call forth a Holy Spirit emboldened courage to arise in whoever is willing to grab hold of God’s vision for our communities and go forward in His wisdom and love to see light of God’s life giving Spirit transform our realms of influence. This means our homes, our neighborhoods, our churches, our families, our cities and so on until the world is transformed by our gospel message.

It starts with me, it starts with you! Each of us taking the initiative to encounter God through prayer, and through His word. Taking the time to listen to Him and having the courage to live it. This steps up the game for some because this requires not allowing ourselves to settle for any prayer life that does not encounter Him. It means we allow the faith necessary to expect that we will meet Him powerfully and wonderfully to rise up in us and we set our hearts to accept nothing less! Nothing less than the life transforming, vision birthing, revelation flowing, and love saturated God encounter happening with each of us as we seek Him with our all! Let’s be the people of God that make 2022 be the year of the God encounter!

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Ed Greene
9 months ago

I’m in!!!

Pat Hicks
Pat Hicks
9 months ago

Good word! Gonna have to think on that one.

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