We need more good news to circulate in our world! So, we created this page for Christian believers around the world to come and share the good things God has done or is doing in our lives our communities and our churches.  As God works in your life and healing, provision, salvation or anything else occurs, this page is here for you to spread the great news and power of God with all! (simply leave a reply below) Please understand that no spam or advertisements will be posted, only the good news of God’s kingdom!

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Marianne McGuire
7 years ago

We prayed for Sharon during Tuesday night prayer with Matt and Amy. Sharon was experiencing suicidal thoughts and extreme desperation with her current circumstances regarding her son and husband. She contacted me that night and said the Lord had given her scripture and a personal word. It was exactly the same word given that night during prayer. The Lord revealed to her his amazing love through confirmation in his word and confirmation with us in prayer. Sharon realized that God does truly care for her and her entire outlook on life has changed. She now BELIEVES that she is going to make it through her challenges and that God’s mighty hand is upon her life, that HE will see her through and she has regained her confidence through Him, Christ Jesus!! Praise the Lord!!
Marianne McGuire
Morning Star Warriors

Marianne McGuire
7 years ago

We prayed for Patti during Tuesday night prayer with Matt and Amy. Patti was hospitalized with double pneumonia and was experiencing and embolism in her chest. That very night we prayed, the embolism was gone and she was released from the hospital! Praise God! He is Might indeed!!
Marianne McGuire
Morning Star Warriors

7 years ago

Here are just some of the testimonies that we have witnessed since the opening of The Connection Revival Center.

We have prayed to our Redeemer, Savior, and Intercessor and have seen/felt and documented:

* Lives transformed and being transformed
* Life-long high blood pressure healing (2 instances)
* Toothache healed instantly
* Foot pain gone
* People are filled with the Holy Spirit
* Back pain gone
* Provision of a job
* Arthritis relief (2 instances)
* Fever cured
* Couple receives divine provision
* Diabetes gone, no more insulin needed
* Neck pain gone
* Symptoms of Muscular Dystrophy Reversed (doctor’s say it’s unheard of)
* Hiccups cured instantly (nothing’s too small or too big for our God!)
* People set free to freely worship

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