Is There Not A Cause?

The Bible account of the young man David slaying the giant Goliath has provided many lessons for Christians, Jews, and even non-believers of all ages. I knew the story even before I ever heard the gospel or formed a belief about God. The fascinating story of how the shepherd boy conquered the giant warrior with a slingshot and slayed him with own sword has provided faith for underdogs even for motivational teachers who direct that faith towards believing in self. But the most valuable lesson from this true and historical account is that when a person, any person, faces the impossible they can come out on top. The key is knowing that you are aligned with the cause of God.

Life sometimes presents us with people or situations that are so insanely intimidating or seemingly impossible that they challenge the very core of our beliefs. Goliath represented that intimidating challenge to the Israeli army at the time. There are a few key verses in 1 Samuel 17 that we can learn from today. Such as verses 4-8. They show us that every person who appears to be dressed for battle isn’t really ready for the fight. They show us that appearances can be deceiving all around. The soldiers were there with weapons and shields, but when challenged, they were not confident they could strategize a victory. Granted some enemies are bigger, stronger and more experienced, so it may appear the wisest move to live for another day. Goliath taunted and defied the army of God. It is not that we deny the battle, or the reality of our opposers. But that we can see what David saw, there is great victory waiting for those of us who believe enough to take it!

If God is for us then what/who can stand against? In 1 Samuel 17:29 after being confronted by his brothers for being mischievous or cavalier, David responds with the million-dollar question. “Is there not a cause?” Tempting as it may be, I am not going to write today about the actual battle between David and Goliath. I want to ask of you today to consider “the cause” God has for your life? Each of us, the Bible declares, are created for good works in Christ Jesus. Some of us know exactly what that is! For others it may not be so clear. But it is true for all of us. God has made you for the purpose and cause of, in some way, building and or advancing His kingdom on earth. You may or may not know it, but scripture declare that each of was carefully and thoughtfully made by God. Even though many will never realize it, God’s desire for you and I is that we do. And, that we accept Christ’s sacrifice on the cross as God’s atonement to bring into alignment with that purpose!

Then collectively the church, which the scripture refers to at times as “the body of Christ”, has an important role to play in the cause of God on earth. God’s plan for His church is that we be a united force on earth with a vision for bringing the righteousness, peace, and joy of His spiritual kingdom to the earth as His instruments of healing for the currently broken world we live in. David was aware that God is invested in His people and will help us win the battles we face in accomplishing our “divine” purpose. God doesn’t always need the strongest or most skilled. In fact, God says that He will perfect His strength in our weaknesses. So, now it is time for believers everywhere to seek God, get ourselves in alignment with His purposes and allow Him to be revealed through us. Blessings upon you! And feel free to comment below on what you come up with, it may help someone else…..  

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