“Arise, shine; For your light has come! And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you.” ~Isaiah 60:1

Equipping the church, empowering the saints, and forming partnerships to fulfill our Christ given commission to bring the good news to all the earth!

Daily Devotions Blog

Bible based blog with a scriptural text, short commentary, professions and short prayers.

Social Media

We are excited to provide for our members a Christian based online community. As a member of this community you will be able set up your own profile, start your own groups or pages, build your own followers and friends list and be involved with any of our online prayer teams that are actively praying the Kingdom of Heaven into earth.


CRC is a membership site. There is no charge for membership. But, in our efforts to create a safe and spam free site for everyone, we require that all our members register with a username and personal password. Non-members are welcome to enjoy our Daily Devotions at any time.


Comprehensive Bible Studies

Interactive Discipleship

Prayer Cells

Healing Centers

Evangelical And Training Events

Please stay tuned as we are re-constructing this site and soon adding the above page-links for your edification and enjoyment.


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  1. I have enjoyed praying with you on Thursdays. I will be cooking at Shiloh Bible Camp this week and will not pray with you this Thursday in person, only in spirit. Love and grace Margaret

    1. Thanks Margaret! That sounds like fun Have a blessed time at camp & we’ve certainly enjoyed you being here to pray with us as well! Blessings on you!