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lee hazel
lee hazel
2 months ago

I have been thinking about Genesis and the verse there that influences so much of Christian culture. The verse is Genesis 1:38. This verse mentions that God says to mankind, “Be fruitful and multiply” and in my life among Christian Americans I have heard this verse often quoted and referred to as a reason I should be having a large family. I have one son because I really am looking at the global issues of population growth and, though, I would have selfishly loved to have a huge family, I ethically want the world to stay wild and there to be less people in our population in the future in a peaceful way of population reduction. The only way I can see that sort of reduction in population is people taking the initiative and having a culture shift to encourage smaller family sizes. When I try and have that sort of conversation with evangelical Christians in my community people are often very offended and refer to Genesis 1:38. I looked for other references of that sentiment in a topic search through the Bible but don’t see evidence of further encouraging of population growth and large families beyond that one verse. I wonder why that verse is so clung to in our culture. I am surprised that it is the verse in the first chapters of the Bible that is so influential. There are other verses say verse 2:25 about being naked and unashamed that are very taboo in our culture. Why does 1:38 mean so much but 2:25 have no meaning in our society. I also wonder why or how we change which verses are influential in our culture. Anyway, wanting to have an honest dialogue with no judgement or hate. Thanks!

CRC Revival-Center
2 months ago
Reply to  lee hazel

He Lee, Have you considered joining our social media page? it’s called the Standard and it is designed for the type of dialogue you are looking for. Just click titled Standard on the link at the top of the page

Mike Costello
1 year ago

Hi Matt

I have been reading your posts often on my phone, and have gotten a lot out of them all. But typing on my phone to try to read and respond is challenging. I never set up my own log in account on our family laptop until today. Sue helped me, and now I see that the laptop makes it much easier to read and respond.

Hopefully I will get comfortable using the laptop for more correspondence.
I rebuke the thought “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. Old dogs have a lifetime of accumulating good tricks and bad tricks. Here’s trusting I can tell the difference, and make the technology leap to new, good choices.
Great website!

Marcela Mack
Marcela Mack
3 years ago

This is an amazing website, the design and look and structure.

Margaret Steen
Margaret Steen
7 years ago

I have enjoyed praying with you on Thursdays. I will be cooking at Shiloh Bible Camp this week and will not pray with you this Thursday in person, only in spirit. Love and grace Margaret

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